Mens Golf Clubs

Golf is played in contrast to many other sports with different 'tools', which golf clubs can be mentioned. Here are two things behind. First, the terrain conditions of diverse courses; high grass (rough), low grass (fairways) and very short cut grass (greens), and we still find sand around the greens (bunkers). And secondly, it is easier to always store a full stroke to the green.

IRONS> A standard set of irons from a number of irons, each for a different distance.

DRIVER > Made for maximum distance off the tee, very vergevingsgezinnd and very light.

HYBRIDES > Clubs that are in terms of distance between the mid irons and woods in, beat very easily because they are not as long.

FAIRWAY WOODS > For maximum distance from the fairway, or instead of a driver from the tee.

Golf Club for the last 100 meters to the flag, very precise and magazine has special grooves for quick stop.

Used on the green and comes in many varieties, known his mallet and blade putters.

Sets that (on the trolley after) are complete and that you can so the job.

Golf clubs for people who play with a left-handed set.

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