A golf trolley is now almost impossible to think away from a standard golf equipment. It provides many additional comfort on the job, so you can put all your energy into your game.

2 wheel golf trolley
The simplest trolley has two wheels and pull it behind you. The advantage is that the two wheel trolley is compact, fast unfolding, lightweight, inexpensive and it can often attached to the bag remain in the fold.

3 wheel golf trolley
More comfort than a two-wheeler is pushed out as a three-wheeler and for you do not have to be held continuously. This are more options related storage. The trolleys these days are all fairly to very compact and easy on and off foldable. Some trolleys folding cuboid, and other weather more elongated.

electric trolley
The ultimate ease on the golf course gives an electric trolley. The trolley runs along with you and adapts to your walking pace. The electric trolley Ezi caddy also means (type 5) on how much and how long you walk effortlessly and allows a desired number of meters ahead drive. A lytium battery but recommended if you can not lift as well, a lead battery weighs almost four times as much as a lythium also will be shortened.

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