Ben Ross

In 1997, our CEO Jon Everitt set out with one thing in mind, to launch a brand that would produce top quality golfing equipment, without the prohibitive price tag. It was this commitment to work harder and think smarter, that meant Benross only used the very best components and the most intelligent engineering, to design golf equipment with the everyday golfer in mind.
Today, the philosophy behind Benross remains as true as it did back then. We have a passion and commitment to deliver outstanding performance at an affordable price and to help everyday golfers, like you, to hone and improve their game. At Benross we put our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do. Why? Because you’re our tour pro.

‘I Play Benross’ brand campaign
To further demonstrate our commitment to the everyday golfer, we have put our customers at the heart of our brand campaign, ‘I Play Benross’. These are the players who love the game, the challenge, the social, the early starts and the catch-up time with friends and family. We hope you like it and would welcome your feedback.

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