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Black Widow Grips Launch into the Marketplace.
Softspikes, a division of PrideSports, is using its estimable reputation as a maker of some of the best golf shoe cleats in the marketplace to elbow its way into the golf club grip sector.
Softspikes recently ventured into the competitive golf grip market, capitalizing on its Black Widow dynamic traction golf cleat brand heritage. The 2010 launch of Black Widow grips is targeted to meet the needs of all golfers--from game improvement recreational golfers to Tour pros, with five distinct models, says John Hohman, Vice President of marketing for PrideSports.
“Black Widow grips are already being played on the PGA and Nationwide tours by top tier pros posting a top 15 place finish,” he says. “No other new grip brand has been put into play on tours as quickly as Black Widow without paid sponsorships. Black Widow Grips offer powerful performance along with bold designs.”
Hohman says the time was ripe for his company’s aggressive foray into the grip marketplace.

“Softspikes found that the current offering of golf grips in the market didn’t satisfy all golfers’ needs, especially from an appearance and feel/traction standpoint.  We saw an opportunity to bring bold new designs with advanced traction technology and performance to the market. We also found that the golf grip market aligns seamlessly with our current distribution model for Softspikes cleats and other golf accessories. In addition to best-in-class golf accessories, Softspikes can now offer exciting promotional opportunities to distributors, retailers and golfers to change their cleats and re-grip their clubs.”
The company has lots going on in the golf shoe cleat area as well.
Launched last year, Softpikes’ Black Widow Tour cleats are the first cleats from the company to combine flexible legs with a secondary traction element to produce the most advanced performance cleat on the market, says Hohman. The combination of flexible legs and cushioning towers allows Black Widow cleats to self-adjust to every situation, terrain and golfer.
The new Black Widow Tour golf cleats feature two comfort settings.
Tour Comfort produces maximum flex, ultimate comfort and extreme traction, while the Tour-Firm provides superior traction through a firmer spike-like feel.
The company also launched its Tour Flex cleats this spring, which combine three sets of flexible legs with three support pads for the ultimate in traction and comfort.
In addition, Softspikes offers three other lines of cleats, the traditional Black Widow, Pulsar and Shadow.
Softspikes were invented in 1993 when a winter metal spike “ban” campaign was endorsed by several state golf associations. Wanting to offer golfers an alternative to athletic running shoes, Softspikes co-founder Faris McMullin experimented with various “plug” designs to replace metal spikes. The eventual design--a plastic, fan-like spiral--became the industry’s first and only patented non-metal cleat. Little did McMullin know at the time that this design would revolutionize the golf industry and change the game forever.
The company’s hot new Black Widow grips are available online and at local golf retail stores and pro shops, as are all its cleats and accessories.
For more information about the new Black Widow golf grips or the company’s other products, visit
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